Crafting a cross-cultural musical platform, HyRyZe, a Miami based band, evokes and samples sounds from all of your favorite artists. If there‚Äôs a sound you like, be prepared to fall in love as you hear it in a whole new way. Their eclectic approach brings energy, soul, and fun. HyRyZe will have you rise to your feet from start to finish with their dynamic, exuberant and lively shows. They'll leave you feeling good,  high off of life, and begging for more. The multi-talented instrumentalist band members and vocalists create beautiful sounds of music that hypnotize and awaken the positive spirits of anyone listening. Soulful and energetic, HyRyZe band will have you dancing the night away with no worries or inhibitions. Their passion and love for music will have you elated. HyRyZe will take you on an adventure-filled, blissful journey, so leave your worries at the door and get ready to be taken to the highest level of music entertainment.